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Switch Nights 2016

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12 January
 9 February
 8 March
12 April
10 May
14 June
12 July
 9 August
13 September
11 October
 8 November
13 December (no group session, but Christmas-"Schnack" at the mhc-Café)



The regular meeting at the Café Uhrlaub in Hamburg-St. Georg is suspended as of 15 Oct 2015.

This does not affect our monthly Switch meetings that will take place as announced in the box to the right.

Logo des trans* film festival 2016 in Kiel4. trans* film festival 2016 in Kiel
15-17 April 2016

Movies and short movies about cross-dressing, transvestism, transgender, transsexuality und intersexuality. The program includes well-known movies like The Danish Girl (English with German subtitles) and Stonewall. Or Mirco and as a warm-up, on Apr 14th already, In the Turn, USA 2014 (English).

Logo der trans*inter*tagung 2016 in Münchentrans*inter*congress 2016 in Munich
5-8 May 2016

Hamburg PrideCSD 2016

Christopher Street Day in Hamburg:

Logo der Lesbisch Schwulen Filmtage in Hamburg27th International Queer Film Festival in Hamburg
18 - 23 October 2016

Support Group Trans*-SH

Trans*-SH meets in Heide to support networking among trans*persons in Schleswig-Holstein.

In a relaxed atmosphere the participants can share their experiences pre/during/post transition or just have a nice chat. Supporters of participans are also welcome.

The group's coordinator Eddie, a Schleswig-Holstein transman, is available at trans-sh [at]

Dates of the next meetings in the Tagesklinik des Westküstenklinikums (Day-care branch of the West Coast Medical Center) in 25746 Heide, Lindenstr. 1-3 (the entrance is located in Poststraße) are:

In support of the fundraising association Nervennahrung e.V. who provides the location for the group, participants should bring 50 ct if they can afford. Eddie is a fellow of the association and will forward the fee to the association's account.