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We meet once per month on the second Tuesday from 18.15h - 19.45h at the Magnus Hirschfeld Centrum (mhc-Café), Borgweg 8, 22303 Hamburg.

CORONA  requires obeying some rules:

We need to follow some official requirements before and during our meetings:

  • Requirement to wear nose and mouth protection similar to restaurants
  • Arrive on time, as the door will be abandoned and locked shortly after the start of the meeting
  • Reserve your seat, because the number of seats is lower than before the pandemic. The easiest way to reserve your seat is a brief reply to our monthly newsletter. You will need to bring our confirmation, because the mhc can only allow confirmed participants to enter the building. The mhc-Café is still closed. You cannot stay there.

Make sure to subscribe to our (German) newsletter. It will give you the latest changes of the corona requirements you will need to obey.

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You will find us at the mhc-Café to your right as you enter. Or follow the bar, turn left, then straight ahead through the doorway between the bar and the winding stairs, turn right and enter our room through the door to your right just before the descending stairs if you should be late. Too complicated? Ask the bartender. Welcome!

P.S.: You do not like the idea of walking into the cafe on your own? Drop us a line in due time and ask us to pick you up at the front door. However: You may just come in, there is nothing to worry about!

Freedom from barriers:
You can access our meeting room and the mhc cafe free from barriers, but the washrooms are only accessible via stairs and are not accessible toilets in any way.

On the phone

Call us at the German number 0176 - 29 49 73 23 (Michaela) (available during daytime on business days, try more than once or leave a message).

Via email

Send a message to Simply use the contact form:

Your Name:

Your email:


Any suggestions for our website?

Any link that is no longer current? Any topic we should cover? Any other comment on Our sitedoctor is available via the contact form. Remember you must enter your name and email address. Your message will only reach us if you do not miss any of these!