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You do not speak German?

Although we speak English, we are holding our group sessions in German. The majority of us could not take part otherwise. However, we are going to translate as good as we can if you would like to take part in our monthly group sessions. Your German will probably improve from month to month.

Many of us will stay at the mhc-Café right next to our meeting room before and after sessions so you will be able to speak to English speaking peers without depending on a translator then. By the way: some of us speak Greek, Turkish, Spanish and probably more languages, but may not be present each time.

Tell us what you would like to discuss

We would like to give everybody a chance of talking about what moves him or her during our group sessions. As any group is a mixture of many characters, some individuals might find it difficult to introduce their topic in an ongoing discussion.

You may make a suggestion using the below form and tell us what you are interested in and what you would like to talk about. We will be happy to try and introduce your topic in the next group session. Or tell us any later session date when you are going to be present so we will not discuss your topic without you.

Make sure to enter your name und email address for your message to reach us.

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